Thursday, April 27, 2006

Stalking the wild dinner dish

Some dogs dream of chasing rabbits, but Aiobe's greatest thrill is hunting the dinner dish. It's a vigorous pursuit, and one at which she excels.

It's amazing how quickly a puppy grows. Aiobe's crate, so roomy a month ago, is a cramped den today. I have a bigger one ready, but for now she prefers her familiar quarters, however tight. She likes to sleep on her back, bent into a 'U' with her head twisted around by her rear. It doesn't look comfortable to me, but I'm not a puppy so what do I know? She also sleeps curled on her stomach, with her blanked bunched up under her chin like a pillow.

Of course Aiobe's size isn't the only thing that's changing. She's getting much more reliable with her commands, and her leash manners make her much more fun to walk than she was at first. And knock on wood for us--if we get through the rest of today, we'll have had a whole week free of accidents in the house. Aiobe will be four months old on Saturday.


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